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Pizzaforni Key Feature

Easier Operation

Fast Cooking Time

Quick Start-Up

Low Operation Cost

Easy Cleaning Process

Value for Money

Unparalleled After Sales Support

Fast Delivery

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About Pizzaforni

Pizza Forni Impingement Conveyor Ovens are the Continuous Bake Ovens, based on impingement technology that cook food with high velocity hot air forced through jet nozzle. Pizza Forni Oven does rapid cooking, baking, and cook the food four times faster than conventional ovens. Pizza Forni indigenous impingement ovens or design to bake pizzas, cookies, frozen food, brownies, grill meat, vegetables and many more.

Pizza Forni Impingement Ovens designed to deliver optimum consistency of temperature with dual air return to break loss of hot air that recycle the heat with its smart state of art design and reached it’s highest set point of temperature in 10 minutes in Cold Start. Pizza Forni Conveyor Oven comes with reversable conveyor direction and highspeed conveyor with range from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. Pizza Forni Ovens is being Made up of A state of art stainless steel AISI 304 fabrication front, top, sides and interiors. Pizza Forni Ovens requires 220V/415V 50HZ electric supply as indicated by their respective models. All electrical connections must be connected with grounded (earthing). Heating order for gas ovens i.e., Propane supply with line pressure of 5 psi/350 hPa (mbar) must be connected to a gas bank of minimum 3-cylinders manifold. Pizza Forni Gas Combustible Oven requires 6″ (150mm) ground clearance. A dedicate Call Centre for Post Sales & Service working on all Working Days. An inventory of Spare part required is maintained in our stock for smooth operation of Ovens working in your kitchens on reasonable pricing. All Pizza Forni Ovens installed, comes with one-year parts and labour warranty on site form the date of purchase against all manufacturing defects only. All Pizza Forni Gas Combustible Ovens requires a ventilation minimum of 400 Cfm exhausts.

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