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Marbella Stones India is a surface that is truly valued for its intricate detailing. Using premium technology, it is the remarkable construct of marble chips in concrete. Terrazzo has taken the market by storm with it’s new age.


Marbella Designs marble offers you the aesthetics of natural marble fused with superior technology to give you a revolutionary finish. The added advantages of engineered marble are the consistency in colour palettes carried across slabs.


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    Marbella Engineered Quartz is manufactured using high grade Natural Quartz aggregates. Quartz aggregates and quartz filler are sieved & refined to manufacture Quartz Slabs using this Quartz aggregates & powder (90% – 92%), polyester resin (8 to 10%) and best quality pigments through a completely automated plant for precision in colour & design. These Quartz Slabs undergo a curing process for 24 hrs. The slabs are then calibrated & polished on a completely automated polishing line to deliver the final finished product.

    The composition of Marbella Engineered Quartz :- Natural Quartz aggregates (90% – 92%), polyester resin (8 to 10%) and pigments. As such this material is technically natural material, which is mixed and compressed using state of art technology. Hence the term “Engineered Quartz” / “Reconstituted Quartz”.

    Marbella Composite Quartz slab is available in 3 different sizes as under :

    1) Standard slab size – 315 cm x 145 cm

    2) Jumbo slab size – 325 cm x 165 cm ( against order )

    3) Super Jumbo slab size – 330 cm x 200 cm ( against order)

    Standard thickness for Marbella Engineered Quartz slabs for India is – 12/15/20/30 mm.

    Marbella Engineered Quartz Series is an apt substitute for natural marble / granite and as such can be used for all applications wherein natural marble / granite can be used viz ; flooring, wall cladding, kitchen counter tops, vanity tops, furniture application, washrooms, door jambs & framing and window sills etc.